GDMS a Game-Changer for Enterprises and Partners Alike

GDMS a Game-Changer for Enterprises and Partners Alike

Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS), is a zero-touch cloud provisioning and management system for all endpoints. It was created with the specific intention to support large deployments and high-volume opportunities. GDMS provides an easy-to-use, centralized interface for enterprises, channel partners and multi-site businesses to configure, provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot large deployments of Grandstream endpoints in batches by site, group or model

GDMS is free and has no limit on the number of devices that an account can support. To sign up for a GDMS account and to start utilizing the platform, go to

There has been a lot of hype surrounding cloud provisioning and management platforms over the past year. As is often the case with new technology, there is an understanding of what a cloud management platform is, but the impact it can have throughout the channel is less clear. This blog post will take a look at GDMS from the eyes of service providers, enterprises/multi-site businesses and channel partners/resellers to highlight why the Grandstream Device Management System is game-changer.


 Enterprises/Multi-Location Businesses

The Grandstream Device Management System offers a centralized IT Management platform where any enterprise’s entire communication network can be setup, provisioned, managed and monitored centrally. GDMS is completely free and has no limitations as to the number of devices that can be added to any account, while also supporting the ability to create different locations and sub- locations, allowing the platform to assist you regardless of how much your business grows. This ensures that managing separate offices, departments, and locations is as seamless a process as possible by combining everything into a single account while giving you the ability to setup and manage each location, sub-location, model, batch all from one centralized platform and account. With different user roles and rights, administrators can allow their staff at any site to utilize the Grandstream Device Management System while allowing the admin to personalise each individual’s user rights.

GDMS also offers enterprises a tool to manage and monitor their network, in real-time, while also enabling them to receive live alerts based on any configured activity and even troubleshoot issues, in real-time. This monitoring and management tool proactively protects networks and ensures they are always running at top speed.

Channel Partners (distributors, resellers, installers, integrators)


The Grandstream Device Management System was designed to make large deployments as simple as possible for channel partners. This centralized cloud provisioning and management platform offers channel partners a tool to take-on large volume opportunities from enterprises, multi-site businesses, service providers and more. The system gives the partner a tool to make deployments for these large customers quick and easy as a result of true zero-touch provisioning while also providing on-going monitoring and easy IT task scheduling. This allows channel partners to expand their sales and onboard large companies while ensuring the technology always works for the customer. 



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