Residential Telephony


Take Your Home Number With You Everywhere You Go.

Never Miss A Call Again.


Forget your normal landline! Our service is so flexible that you can have your landline fixed at home while also carrying it around on your mobile phone! So now you can answer all your calls when you’re not home.

When on an unlimited plan, you won’t have to worry about high bills at the end of the month! All your calls to Maltese Landline and Mobile numbers are included so you don’t have to worry about cutting your conversations short.

When abroad, it’s amazing! You can still answer all the calls coming into your phone without having to worry about paying roaming charges. Just use a wifi connection wherever you are and make and receive calls for free as part of your normal plan.

Switch your service over to Vanilla Telecoms and get fantastic new features at an unbeatable price.


Download our applications on your device & enjoy more features…