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Giotto line-interactive single phase UPS is ideal for home and small office, computer and peripherals. Giotto UPS ensures your systems availability and protects your equipments and peripherals from power failures causing data loss and hardware damage.



  • User-friendly, plug and play, ready to use.

  • Compact and noiseless, to be placed anywhere.

  • Energy efficient, ensuring low energy costs and environmental impact.

  • Free downloadable software.


  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR).

  • Cold start.

  • Auto shutdown in the event of a mains fail.

  • Smart LCD Display.

  • User-replaceable battery.

  • Filtered socket protection against overvoltage for LAN/ADSL.

  • USB port for direct PC connection.

  • Borri Power Guardian user-friendly UPS management software with main power failures alert and system shutdown notification via SMS / email. Free downloadable at


  • Line-interactive UPS with VI technology.

  • AVR technology (Automatic Voltage Regulation).

  • Full compliance with all international product standards.

  • Cold start function. The UPS can be started from battery when AC utility is not available.

  • USB and RJ-11/45 ports.

  • One output receptacle IEC 320-C13 and one Schuko.