Video Monitoring (CCTV)

As more and more companies are understanding the significance of establishing a robust risk management strategy to protect both their business and employees, video surveillance can serve as an important medium for minimising threats from outside and inside the workplace. With the emergence of new and highly sophisticated technology that is nevertheless more accessible than ever coupled with enhanced software and mobile apps and an unlimited amount of integration options, video monitoring has come a long way since the simple camera and a CCTV set up. Advanced IP cameras allow you to create a customisable security environment with HD resolution and automatic voice and video calls while allowing you to manage your surveillance remotely from any device, be it your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Whether you need advanced functionality and multi-location cameras or a basic system to capture and record footage, with Vanilla Telecoms you can take the necessary steps to secure your space thanks to our high-tech equipment. As an official reseller of Grandstream products, we offer everything needed to protect, manage and monitor any physical location with our complete line of video monitoring solutions.

Create your ideal security environment and enjoy peace-of-mind. Have a look at what we have in stock [here].

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