Telephony for The Hospitality Industry

As consumers are driving hoteliers to upgrade their services and amenities to match their expectations, hotels that are adopting the newer technologies faster than their competition are successfully increasing the profitability and efficiency of their property.

Reap the benefits of VoIP telephony by lowering communication costs and enhancing productivity with Cempilli. Let us help you upgrade your telephone system to meet your guests’ expectations without any capital investment.

Choose your plan

If the room is vacant, we don’t charge you the service for that day! Both plans cover calls made from any of the hotel’s departments, as well as the resident in the room.
(both plans are subject to a 2-year contract)

€1 per day

€1 for each day the room is occupied. Unlimited calls to Malta land and mobiles are also included (excl. VAT)

€2 per day

€2 for each day the room is occupied. This rate includes both Malta land and mobiles and unlimited calls to EU landline and mobiles. (excl. VAT)

These services are provided by Cempilli using Vodia PBX.

With a number of features available, the Vodia system can be a useful asset for any hotel setting:

Increase efficiency through one entry point, your PMS

Automate housekeeping

Enjoy cost savings

Have a look at the full list of benefits here

Need more info?

Contact us if you would like further information regarding the Telephony services for hospitality industry and how it works.

This service is provided subject to our terms and conditions which may be viewed here

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Hosted PABX

Increasingly popular for today’s growing businesses, cloud-based PBX systems have become the order of the day.

SIP Trunks

A single channel trunk allows only ONE call (either incoming or outgoing) at any one time, whereas an unlimited channel allows unlimited simultaneous outgoing calls and up to 10 simultaneous incoming calls per DID.

International DIDs

Providing DIDs from 63 different countries and toll-free numbers in approximately 30 countries, our service allows you to have a local caller ID.


Simply put, SMPP is used to send and receive messages from and to GSM, UMTS, iDEN, CDMA and TDMA cell phones.
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