Teams Integration

Teams Integration By Vanilla Telecoms

Unleash Your Teams' Telephony Potential with One Powerful Cloud Platform!


Looking for a way to make simple telephone calls without sacrificing the power of Microsoft Teams®? Look no further than Vanilla Telecoms! Our platform seamlessly integrates with Teams, giving you the best of both worlds: a top-notch telephony system that works alongside your favorite communications tool.

With Vanilla Telecoms, you won't have to worry about your customer support staff having to learn a separate tool. Our platform routes calls directly to Teams-powered staff, improving customer service and streamlining your operations in one place.

And when it comes to call quality, Vanilla Telecoms has you covered. We offer crystal-clear calls at competitive prices, with telephone numbers available from all around the globe. No more settling for app-switching - with Vanilla Telecoms, you can supercharge your Teams experience with integrated global voice communications capabilities.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our sales team today to get a quote that fits YOUR requirements. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple tools and hello to seamless, high-quality communications with Teams and Vanilla Telecoms!


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