A PBX Telephone Setup: How Can It Benefit Your SME

A PBX Telephone Setup: How Can It Benefit Your SME

A low cost yet features intensive PBX or VOIP telephone system is the goal for a growing SME that needs its set ups to evolve along side its growth.  A full-fledged PBX system can also make your business seem bigger then it actually is and facilitate your operations by creating multiple departments and extensions


What is a PBX Phone System?

A PBX telephone setup is an office system designed to handle calls within your business. With a PBX system, any client who calls your business is automatically greeted by an automated professional attendant and is then directed to a menu list which will finally direct the client to the right department or individual. These set ups also allow adapt to growing businesses by being able to manage a higher volume of phone calls without the requirement of additional staff to answer the incoming calls.

For decades, PBX telephone systems have been a part of businesses. Originally these systems were set up to handle both incoming and internal phone calls. Typically, these systems were made up of a console along with installed technology. Nowadays, with more advanced technology and programming, these systems support a large number of additional features to reinforce your business operations.

A PBX system is a highly customizable and cost-effective option for any SME as it allows it to manage and control all the incoming calls with just the one system. Modern PBXs phone systems nowadays do not require the installation of any hardware and make use of software to direct phone calls to the correct department and individuals from your team.


How Does a PBX Phone System Work?

A PBX telephone setup provides incoming callers with a professional greeting along with a number of options to select from to be directed to the relevant department. Individuals who phone your business can reach specific members of your team or departments with the help of a menu listing or by dialling a particular extension.

When a caller chooses from the list of options available or a particular extension the PBX will automatically connect them to the correct individual or department. Incoming and internal calls can be seamlessly transferred to members of staff regardless of their location be it a different office, out on a business run, at home or even in a different country.

Make sure you never miss a beat, you can enable a voicemail system for when your staff are not available, you can select voicemail to text services or voicemail to email to ensure you receive your business voicemails while you are out on a business run.

You can also convert faxes received into email messages and forward calls to yourself regardless of where you are located. There's also a screening feature which allows you to concentrate on your work whilst still being available for important phone calls. What Are the Benefits of a PBX Phone System?
All SMEs can enjoy the benefits of a PBX system and are partially beneficial to:

Companies Receiving High Call Volumes

A PBX telephone setup can manage high volumes of calls seamlessly without requiring additional staff to answer incoming calls. Callers to your business will not get frustrated by receiving a busy signal and every phone call will be routed correctly and answered.


Companies with Multiple Offices and/or Remote Employees 

PBX systems are able to forward phone calls to employees in their home offices or in another countries. Calls can also be transferred to employees on the go via their mobile devices.


Companies with Call Volumes that Vary

Companies that have fluctuating call volumes will want to ensure that every caller gets through and doesn’t get a busy signal. Instead of having to hire and train additional temporary staff at an expense to the company to manage the additional call volumes. During busy and unpredictable periods, a PBX system can very easily handle the fluctuating call volumes seamlessly without the customer ever knowing.

Cost Saving Benefits

The cost of a PBX system with an automated attendant is substantially less than the expense of bringing an individual onboard to answer incoming calls. It saves the company time and money on recruiting, training and naturally the person’s salary and while you might have working hours your PBX will operate around the clock ensuring that your calls are handled correctly.

Different Types of PBX Phone Systems?

A PBX system for an SME should not be considered a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why every system is customizable with a choice of features.

There's a choice of two different kinds of systems to select from:

IP PBX System

Instead of utilizing landlines, an IP PBX System utilizes Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This means calls are made utilizing an internet connection which can reduce the expense of making long distance calls. This system offers plenty of control over how to configure the system in-house.

It is one of the most popular choices with SMEs as there's no requirement for a large setup fee upfront, or to learn the complicated equipment and no need for maintenance fees.


Hosted or Virtual PBX System

There's no need to install any equipment when it comes to a Hosted VoIP PBX system. These systems are operated by a service provider off-site, and all a business needs to do is request the PBX phone service needed and pay the monthly fee for it.

PBX Phone System: The Key Advantages for an SME

The key advantages of a PBX phone system include:

Cost-Effective: A PBX system saves money for a business when compared to equipment-intensive systems and landlines.

Professional System for Handling Incoming Calls: A PBX system can help to position your business as a professional one as incoming calls are answered quickly and without an frustrating busy signal.

Ability to Adapt the System as Your Business Develops: A PBX system makes it very easy to make changes utilizing a mobile app or intuitive web interface. Changes can be made very easily to your outbound messages, explaining any new offers or business changes and to offer seasonal greetings. Adding new team members or departments can be done very easily without the need for any technical training.

Ability to Efficiently Manage Influx's of Calls: A PBX system, during busy periods, can manage high volumes of phone calls without frustrating busy signals or dropped calls. Calls are handled effectively and transferred to the correct department or team member seamlessly. During busy periods a PBX system can take care of your calls while you can concentrate on the work you are required to do.

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