Silver – Internet Connection

The SILVER level of service offers an international bandwidth ratio of 25:1, meaning that at this level, the user will experience speed slow-downs only occasionally this level of service includes response within 3 working days after reporting a fault.

The Minimum Commitment Period is of 6 months, therefore it is not possible to opt for this level of service without committing for at least 6 months.

Installation cost is FREE if you sign a 24 month contract. Otherwise the normal installation cost is €45/hour, excluding the charge of any specific mounting equipment required for the modem.

*All prices are excluding VAT

Plans and Pricing

Essentially, our plans are separated into two different connection types: PPPoE and Bridge.

When selecting PPPoE you are choosing a network type whereby you need to authenticate your device for connection to ISP, in this case Vanilla. This is a more secure connection for residential and small businesses which do not have their own firewalls. In addition, with PPPoE no user router is required. The service can be plugged directly into a wireless AP with our modem handling all the routing functionality.

On the other hand, a bridge connection is designed for clients who need to have a subnet of public IPs available or need to link multiple locations without using VPNs. This type of connection allows you to connect your multiple devices through one given network point and each one can have a different public IP address. This means that all devices connect directly to the Internet. With our bridge packages, for instance, you can get up to 5 IP Addresses.

Unless otherwise stated the Typical Speed Range corresponds to the advertised speed.

Please get in touch for more information about this service!


Below is our pricing table for the SILVER Quality of Service with PPPoE connection. If you need bridge connection click here. Prices are on a per month basis.

*Up to 


  • Static IP @ €2/Month
  • Bridge Connection w/8 IPs**| @ €5/Month
  • Bridge Connection w/16 IPs*** @ €15/Months
** 5 Usable IPs
*** 13 Usable IPs


This service is provided subject to our terms and conditions which may be viewed here

Not what you are looking for? Please check other service levels

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 15:1

Prices start from €80 / month

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 10:1

Prices start from €100 / month

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 5:1
Contact us for prices.

This level of service offers:

For specific needs we try to cater as much as it is possible even more so with the Dedicated Level.

Still undecided?

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