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Vanilla Telecoms is all about freedom.
Vanilla Telecoms is all about freedom. Freedom from the typical phone and cable companies out there. Freedom to choose advanced Internet services that suit your needs and budget. Freedom to opt for no contracts but pre-pay for as long as you wish. Freedom to choose customer service that is fast, responsive and concerned with your success.

Using the most advanced Broadband Wireless Technology, Vanilla Telecoms supplies reliable, high-speed, feature-rich Internet and offers an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure you receive the highest availability, lowest latency and packet loss on both our network and the last mile. In addition, with our Rapid Installation Program (RIP), you will be up and running within 1 week of the order date.

Benefit from lower costs and fast installation times. Connect with clients, partners and employees easily and hassle-free. Check out our ultra-high-speed network available in various levels seen below.

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 25:1
Prices start from €45 / month

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 15:1
Prices start from €80 / month

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 10:1
Prices start from €100 / month

This level of service offers:

International bandwidth ratio of 5:1
Contact us for prices.

Dedicated Connection

At Vanilla Telecoms we believe that each and every client is different. With this in mind, we offer a Dedicated level of Internet service. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and help us help you achieve the service that is right just for you.

Installation Process

Site Survey – The first part of the installation process involves making sure that we can actually service you at your location. This means that we would need to get onto your roof to check and see if we can see one of our many towers located around the island with the modem that would eventually be stuck on your roof. The modem is the piece of equipment we will use to receive an internet signal from our tower. If the result is positive then we can go ahead with the installation.

Installation – This part of the process will involve us installing the internet into your home or office. We would need to aim our modem and attach it to a place on your roof where it can receive the signal from our tower. This could either be on a wall or even on a pole. Depending on the signal strength we might need to install additional devices that would better the signal, such as a stinger, lens, dish, etc. Once it is attached it is configured and a network cable is passed down into the room you require the internet connection.

Once the cable has been passed, it is connected to a power supply – giving power to the modem on the roof – which will be plugged into an electric socket. We will also install a surge suppressor into this electric socket. The Surge Suppressor will protect our equipment from electrical surges, so when there are voltage spikes, our equipment will not get burnt out. For this reason we require 2 electrical sockets to be available.

The cable can then be plugged directly into your computer, a switch, a router or any other device. The router is the most common piece of equipment that is used to give off a WiFi signal throughout an area. You would then be able to connect to the wireless connection through your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

A €25 inspection fee will be charged if we can deliver a minimum of 5 Megabits of data but the client refuses the installation.


Fixed IP – Every user gets one dynamically assigned IP address. This IP address may change from time to time. If a user requires this IP to remain constant, then a Fixed IP service is required.

Firewall service – The Internet is not a safe place. Unless your organization employs a professional to ensure that access to your sensitive files is protected and that your computers are kept up to date with software patches, you will be highly susceptible to Internet hackers. Our firewall service greatly reduces this risk by actively protecting your network from known threats.

Web filtering – Some organisations may find it desirable to block certain types of websites from their service in order to protect employees from sexual harassment or to prevent employees from partaking in leisure activities whilst at their place of work. Our web filtering service allows you to specify what types of websites you wish to restrict.

Call us now on +356 2033 2033 should you wish to discuss any specific needs. You may also email us at

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Unless otherwise stated the Typical Speed Range corresponds to the advertised speed.

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