Managed wifi services

We can install WIFI that works flawlessly in your home, office, hotel or AirBnB.

WiFi is no longer a technology. It’s a feature built into everyday life. Apartment buildings bundle managed WiFi into their rates to attract residents. Department stores offer free WiFi to help customers find what they need. And that’s just what the WiFi consumers are aware of.
Businesses that serve crowds of people like restaurants, cafes and stores are all examples of businesses where people gather in a public space. When customers are there, they want a WiFi-enhanced experience. Ever try to post a photo on Instagram while you’re at a concert, and the cellular coverage is so saturated that your post sits waiting to send? That matters.
Hotels and AirBnB properties need good ratings by their tenants to attract new custom.

“I’d give this place 5 stars if the Wi-Fi wasn’t so awful.”

This doesn’t need to be your review.

Let’s face it – if you work within an industry where consumers spend more than a few minutes inside your building, you need to make Wi-Fi accessible to your customers.

Not only available, but if you want to create loyal customers, the Wi-Fi connection needs to be blazing fast, reliable, and easy to access by your patrons everywhere, at all times.

Consumer expectations are at the highest we’ve seen since the internet was invented; but unlike pre-internet days – today’s buyers are well-armed and willing to vocalize their pleasure, or rather, their displeasure if your establishment provides a poor customer experience.

In the hospitality industry, specifically hotel and lodging – the quality of your Wi-Fi connection can make or break your ability to retain and gain returning customers.

In fact, 83 percent of hotel guests will take time out of their busy day to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, 36 percent will not rebook with a brand if the Wi-Fi quality was poor.

Hospitality and Hotel Wi-Fi Statistics You Need to Know:

  • 83 percent of hotel guests will take time out of their busy day to report a bad Wi-Fi experience

  • 36 percent will not rebook with a brand if the Wi-Fi quality was poor

  • 81% of guests have experienced a poor Wi-Fi experience in the last 12 months

  • 76% of guests connect multiple devices to a hotel’s Wi-Fi

  • 74% of frequent hotel travelers use an iPhone 

  • 41% of business travels report they’ve selected a hotel based on Wi-Fi access.

  • 7 minutes – the average time a hotel guest takes to log onto Wi-Fi after entering a guest room

  • 63% of hoteliers believe they can make improvements on Wi-Fi security and privacy

Is your hotel leveraging the best technology to improve the Wi-Fi experience, security, and privacy of your guests?

We can solve these problems for you and make your WiFi a selling point to your customers wherever your business might be.
We'll handle it all, we'll choose the right hardware and install it ourselves, a one-stop-shop to make sure you know exactly who to call if something needs tweaking.
Change your Why Fi? to proper WiFi and you'll never look back. Your customers will thank you for it too.