The landline has certainly remained a major tool in connecting people all over the globe. We call to touch base. To find out. To show we care. But if bills are tying you down or you’re getting too little bang for your Euros, then it is time to switch your home line to Cempilli.

With flexibility in mind, you can select any of the calling plans bellow. Alternatively, fill in our [form] with all necessary details and we will get back to you with a made-to-measure proposal specifically designed for you.

(All prices are inclusive of VAT)

The Basic: €8.95 / month

Residential Rate for Unlimited Calls to Malta Land and Mobile Numbers.


Do you require more information of how are bundles work or you want to apply for bundle? Contact us.

Not what you are looking for? Please check other services

Hosted PABX

Increasingly popular for today’s growing businesses, cloud-based PBX systems have become the order of the day.

IP Centrex

The ultimate solution for those seeking to replace an outdated PBX system, to unify telecommunications or to cover multiple locations

International DIDs

Providing DIDs from 63 different countries and toll-free numbers in approximately 30 countries, our service allows you to have a local caller ID.


Simply put, SMPP is used to send and receive messages from and to GSM, UMTS, iDEN, CDMA and TDMA cell phones.
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