The transformation of WiFi into a critical investment for businesses

A technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity as opposed to a physical cable, WiFi has not only grown in popularity but it has also become a crucial resource for numerous businesses most especially those that need to support mobile devices and cloud-based applications.

As the number of smartphones, laptops and tablets, as well as devices such as TVs, printers and even POS systems using WiFi as a standard interface have increased, the technology is expected to create a paradigm shift in the years to come. It is set to create an even more personalised user experience as more IoT devices be it in the home, office or on the go will aim to simplify user lifestyle and business demands by making use of wireless connectivity.

But what has led to its prevalence? In today’s mobile-first world, consumers are constantly demanding faster and more reliable Internet connection anywhere, anytime. However, other factors have also played a defining role in increasing its demand. With speeds having become as fast as wired connections, a well-designed system should be able to handle anything a mobile device can do, while many devices are WiFi only. As a result, wireless Internet has become one of the world’s most popular technologies, supporting millions of businesses, homes and public locations around the globe.

Why WiFi is important

As more and more companies are making the shift to WiFi, offering flexible and dependable connectivity for employees, guests and customers has now become a must for any organisation. From increasing productivity and collaboration to saving your company money, having wireless Internet in-office should be considered an integral part of any business communication package.

Do you need a high-end WiFi connectivity?

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With an internal wireless system, employees do not need to be glued to their desks but can work from any location within the office leading to greater mobility and convenience. This is all the more important when considering that many employees are nowadays working from their tablets and smartphones. In addition, having the ability to access important documents and information from anywhere within the premises, employees can work together in teams and in real time, enhancing collaboration. Guest access is also important since it can be beneficial for on-site meetings and projects, while offering Internet access to visitors can lead to higher customer satisfaction. Lastly, a WiFi network calls for a simpler infrastructure while it can be easily scaled for growing businesses, temporary work spaces and any other office requirements without the need for extra cabling and wiring.

Below we simplify some of the key terms used when discussing WiFi technology.

Access Point –  a device such as a wireless router, that allows wireless devices to connect to a network

Bluetooth –  a wireless technology standard for exchanging data between devices over short distances

Open network – often called hot spots, this form of network provides free Internet access to anyone within range, without the need to input a password or credentials

Wireless local area network (WLAN) – a wireless distribution method for connecting two or more devices within a limited area that makes use of high-frequency radio waves often including an access point to the Internet

Transport layer security (TLS) – a protocol used to encrypt and authenticate network traffic at the transport layer using certificates to exchange public keys which are then used to encrypt session keys

WiFi paves the way for seamless connectivity while driving efficient communication with your clients. As official distributors of award-winning Grandstream products, Vanilla Telecoms can help you build a complete WiFi solution for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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