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If you’re travelling within the EU, you may well be aware that the ‘roam like at home’ rule applies. However, making calls or using data services elsewhere can seriously ramp-up the costs. Whether you’re traveling on business and have calls to make or you simply want to share your holiday in real time on social media, don’t hold off your travelling plans. Discover worldwide destinations and make the most of your holiday or business trip after reading our smart money saving tips.

What is data roaming?

Data roaming refers to the continued data service your phone receives when you travel outside of your provider’s coverage area such as when you go abroad. But with smartphones, data roaming does not only refer to browsing the web and checking emails. It also means that there is constant syncing and updating of apps and social media which can lead to increased costs.

Curious as to how much data simple tasks consume? Have a look below.
– Checking your Facebook feed – 60KB
– Checking your Twitter feed – 200KB
– Viewing video content on Facebook – 2.5MB per minute (depending on the quality of video)
– Reading a Tripadvisor article – 120KB
– Viewing a map on Google maps – 150-200KB

Ways you can save

1. Turn everything off
Perhaps one of the most obvious tips would be to turn off both data roaming and cellular data. Turning your roaming means that your phone cannot connect to 3G or 4G data networks, while by turning off all cellular data leaves WiFi the only way to connect to the Internet. Other steps you can take to reduce costs would be to set your mail settings from ‘push’ to ‘fetch’ which will ensure that rather than running in the background, your phone will fetch emails when you deliberately ask it to do so. Also, do not forget to monitor your usage regularly.

2. Beware of third party apps
Third party apps can turn syncing back on even when this has been turned off. Accordingly, ensure that any apps installed cannot override your data roaming settings. You should also be careful of free apps since these tend to have ads that consume data. And speaking of apps, you might want to consider downloading a data reducing app.

Be yourself everywhere!

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3. Use WiFi when available
Tempted to upload a photo of yourself laying on a hammock with a cold drink in hand and the ocean as your backdrop? Resist the urge to do so and wait until you are at an establishment where you have free WiFi access. You may want to put your phone in Airplane Mode which will turn off cellular and data roaming but will allow you to connect to a wireless Internet access. As WiFi hotspots have become more popular in many destinations, connecting in this manner would be the wiser choice.

4. Navigate while offline
Worried of getting lost? There are a number of travel and offline navigation apps that allow you to plan your route. Alternatively, you can save an offline Google map of the destination you are travelling to and refer to it when needed.

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Why hold back while travelling? Be yourself anywhere and stay connected no matter where you are.

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