Be yourself anywhere with our International Travel SIM

Planning a trip outside the EU? Put a stop to excessive costs and charges and save up to 90% on your international roaming charges with our new Travel SIM.

What you get with every SIM

Each Pay-as-you-go SIM costs €25 and it includes:

• €20 Credit
• A Maltese DID (landline)
• NO monthly charges

You can top up your credit by logging into your account

How the International Travel SIM works

Follow the simple steps below to start making calls right away with your Travel SIM

  1. Ensure that you do not miss a call on your Maltese mobile number by forwarding all your calls to your Travel SIM

2. Log in on using your UK number and the password provided. Through the dashboard you can check how much credit you have spent, top up your account, view your details and use the rate calculator

3. Download the Mobyx Softphone from the App store or Google Play. Once installation is complete, make all your calls via this app.

Who can benefit

Business travellers – Save your business money with the Travel SIM, the ideal solution for a hassle-free, low cost and reliable solution for your international communication needs.
Leisure travellers – Avoid expensive charges when keeping in touch with your friends and family whilst you’re away on holiday.

Our rates are truly unbeatable! Have a look below.

Argentina €0.25 / MB €10 / MB €14.91 /MB €15 / MB
Brazil €0.25 / MB €10 / MB €14.91 / MB €15 /MB
India €0.25 / MB €10 /MB €14.91 /MB €15 / MB
Israel €0.25 /MB €10 / MB €14.91 /MB €15 /MB
UAE €0.5 / MB €10 / MB €14.91 / MB €15 / MB
Thailand €0.1 / MB €10 / MB €14.91 / MB €15 / MB



Mobile data service - on/off

Change outgoing caller-ID

Balance Check

Voicemail - check status

Voicemail - on/off

Get in touch

Contact us if you would like further information regarding the International Travel SIM.

This service is provided subject to our terms and conditions which may be viewed here

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